Casino Themed Event

Finding the right theme for your Casino Themed Event will help make your Event both successful and memorable, so it is important to choose the perfect one.  Here’s a guide to some of the most popular Casino Night Party Themes

James Bond 007 Casino Theme Night

We often provide James Bond Themed Casinos.  The boys love them as they can pretend they are one of the world’s most iconic  Secret Agents and the girls love the glamour!  You may want to add some James Bond Theme Props to your Casino Themed Event to help set the scene. Other things you can do include providing boys toys and gadgets on the Dinner Tables, calling each Dinner Table after a James Bond Film, making your Casino a “Casino Royale”, providing themed Fun Money etc.  The options are endless due to the imagination in the films that can be incorporated in to your Event.

Las Vegas Casino Theme Night

Think Casino?  Think Vegas Baby!  The Gambling Capital of the World!  Your Event can easily be turned into a Las Vegas Casino by choosing to go traditional Las Vegas and adding Rat Pack Music and Showgirls or going more modern and thinking along the lines of Ocean’s Eleven. A Las Vegas Casino is the perfect theme if you have a lot of guests and are providing a variety of Fun Casino Tables for them to play on as you can really go to town on making it feel like a real Casino!  Other things you can do include serving a lavish Vegas-style Grand Buffet!

1920s Prohibition or Great Gatsby Casino Night Party Themes

This is the perfect theme for your Event if you like detail as there are lots of things you can do with this theme in terms of decor, props, food and costumes.  There is lots of fun to be hard deciding how your guests gain entry to your Party (may be a secret password?) and where you hide all the illegal drinks!  If your party is at home, why not put your Casino downstairs but hide all the drinks in the bathroom making your own version of Bathtub Gin!  If you’d rather have a more luxurious version, turn your Casino Themed Event into a lavish Art Deco, 1920s Great Gatsby Casino with Charleston dancing and cocktails!