Wild West Themed Event

Wild West Themed Event Style Choices

Hold your party in a Wild West Saloon Bar complete with Saloon Girls and Honky Tonk Piano!  Or how about on the Wild West Plains and Railroad surrounded by Cactus, Cattle and Indian Tepees?  Whether you are a Rebel, Outlaw, Sheriff or Deputy – once you don your Stetson, Cowboy Boots and Chaps and step into your Prego Wild West Themed Event, you will feel right at Home on the Range!

Wild West Themed Party Entertainment Choices

Country & WesternBands & DJs offer a range of music including Line Dancing to set the scene of your party.  For something really special, your guests can watch AmazingStunt Displays & Film Scene Re-enactions from famous Western Films.  You can Hold a Rodeo Bull Competition, Round Up and Rustle Cattle, Pan for Gold and practice your shot on in our Riffle Gallery.  Relax afterwards with entertainment from dancing Saloon Girls and wager your gold on our Casino Tables

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